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Dear friends,

Patricia Roberts is reaching out to our community for assistance  with her journey of medical and financial crisis.
I would so appreciate you reviewing the content of her story.

 I ( Marla, Patricia’s friend) started this gofundme… please don’t feel like you have to contribute….

As of today, CT shows 3 cm tumor in pancreas- MRI results the same.  Tumors are producing  too much insulin.  One duct is obstructed. She is having another surgery coming…

If you can, please pass to a few people.. 


This letter was written by Marla C. for Patricia

Hello, my name is Patricia,

Below is a summary of my life altering challenges.

I have had 3 right hip replacements and 6 right hip dislocations.  I also have diabetes, and suffer from anaphylactic allergic reactions.  
Within a 2 year period, I was involved in a car accident as well as a building fire.

• My first hip replacement was done on April, 2009.

• Unfortunately, my body rejected the first hip which leads to a second surgery, on December 14, 2014, at Mt. Vernon Hospital.

• In November 2016 a driver hit my car from behind, causing a break in the liner on my hip and my pelvis.

• Within 4 months I had 6 right hip dislocations.  Every time I was taken by ambulance to Shady Grove Medical Center.

• Dr Fricka’s professional opinion was to have an exploratory surgery to see what was causing the dislocations and pain that couldn’t be managed.

• This third surgery was in May 2017. He discovered that the liner was indeed broken and had to replace the entire hip. Because of the injury, a larger size hip was placed which resulted in additional problems with my spine.  

• The building I lived in suffered a fire in March 2018.  I was living at the Fenestra building. The fire started on the 3rd floor (my floor) and 14 unites were damaged. Mine was one.  I had to relocate after the fire.

Left with nothing and having 2” shorter leg due to the third surgery, has cause major issues to my health.

This past Friday July 28, 2020 I found out I have a 3 cm tumor in my pancreas.  CT with contrast and MRI confirmed the tumors (more than one).

Fortunately, I have been receiving a small disability.  My economic situation is difficult and I am unable to pay all medical expenses.

With another surgery coming up for the pancreas, I fear my cost to the surgery.   I am on Medicare disability but I am not 65 years old, therefore, supplemental insurance is out of the question due to high rates.

My current income is just enough to cover basic necessities.

Please understand that I want to pay my portion for physical therapy, medications, for the medical services performed and my stays in the hospitals.  
Because I have such a high moral and ethical core, my heart aches that I have to seek help. It is difficult not to feel embarrassed, ashamed, depressed, and at the end of my rope.

With my deepest and sincere gratitude, I appreciate your time for reading this note regardless if you feel compelled to help or not.  

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being such an amazingly supportive community.  You lift me up on days when I need it – and there have been many of those days.