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I always lived the “pay it Forward” model in life.

You never think it would ever happen to you. Well, it did.

I have worked almost every single day of my life, the last 21 years for a company and a boss who I thought were, despite the usual problems and quirks a decent place to work. At the outset the owner and I made up a retirement contract that allowed me to pay off the house itself, and he would pay for the land, taxes and fees at a price that would let me retire at the end of 2017.

With three months to go, this owner decided to let me know he never intended to honor the deal. Choosing instead to show me the amortized value he constructed that would, if I so choose, keep me working it off for another 30 or so years. I’m almost 61. Take him to court? Had I known he was the man he turned out to be I could have saved enough to afford to do that. As it is I’m on a GoFundMe site asking for help just to relocate and start over again.

Disability and VA benefits won’t kick in for at least a year, so me and my meager savings are fighting time. I can’t expect the kindness of strangers to bail me out of being stupid enough to be in this situation. I just hope there is enough kindness out there to help a little. Thank you.