GoFundMe to bring Palisoc Family Home to USA from Philippines 2

GoFundMe to bring Palisoc Family Home to USA from Philippines

Announcing the awareness campaign launch for the Palisoc GoFundMe Campaign to reunite the Palisoc Family from the Philippines to the United States. Hello everyone, my name is Wilbert Gerald Palisoc and I am a Veteran looking for some help. I am reaching out to anyone who could pitch in a little amount of money ($5, $10, $15, or more) to help pay loans and debts incurred for bringing my family to the United States from the Philippines.

I am an Active Duty U.S. Army veteran for 14 years and now currently serving in the Tennessee Army National Guard. I have been trying to bring over my family for a long time and now we are together and finally united but we incurred debts and loans to pay for expenses, fees, plane tickets, etc.

We also need to find better accommodation for Six (6) Family members including me, my wife, and our 4 children.

The Family of Wilbert Gerald Palisoc

I am so desperate and fearful that after years of waiting and hoping and praying that I could be with my family after these long years would end up failing and not coming through with a positive outcome just because I am poor and out of money to pay for these extra expenditures.

I am taking a leap of faith and creating this GoFundMe and using it to reach out with the power of God and the internet to request assistance from anyone out there with a kind heart who could understand my situation.

Please help me complete the uniting of my family and help me succeed in this endeavor for the American dream so we may live as a family in a more positive atmosphere and be able to bring them over with a little help from you.

I am counting on the support of regular Americans like myself that could assist my family and me with a little bit of money that they could spare. Times are tough for us all and I am counting on a gracious contribution from the heart. Those $5, $10, $20, etc. add up and can literally change a family forever.

Every little bit of contribution you can graciously afford to contribute helps me to be united with my family in a more positive atmosphere. I also welcome you sharing this fundraiser with anyone you know or think could help, either by contributing and/or sharing or helping in any way possible.

Thank you and may God bless you.

Please support this GoFundMe at https://www.gofundme.com/f/please-help-me-bring-my-family-from-the-philippine

Media Contact
Wilbert Gerald Palisoc
Smyrna, TN
wilbert8palisoc [a t] yahoo.com
(629) 395-5179

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