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Depression-The Silent Killer

I’ve been on disability since 2003 from work injuries. Depression and anxiety have gotten the better of me for so many years. I had it under control until my husband and I lost everything, due to a “well known and respected” former football player canceled on a fundraising vacation that we were trying to do for breast cancer. When this person pulled out of the deal, that left us scrambling to find a replacement for this trip but it was too late. We lost just over $30,000, our home and cars, but we still had an old RV. If anyone knows what it’s like to live in Wisconsin in January is like, then you know living in an RV is not a good idea. This is when we packed up and came to Las Vegas.
Trying to start life over again. We were finally getting caught up on most things and were seeing others going through what we did and how people treated them for it. That’s when we wanted to start a foundation for the homeless. Easter Sunday in 2016, we began feeding the homeless without any help. We just set up a table on the sidewalk and served them a meal. I would like to say it was an Easter meal but we couldn’t afford something like that. From then on, we have tried to go out at least once a week to do the same thing, different meals. You can’t imagine how rewarding that feels. That’s when we tried to form a foundation that we named ASETH, A Smiling End To Homelessness. We received a few donations but not what we had hoped. Then money got a little tighter and we had to take a break for a little while. We had done this for just over a year, until my husband lost his job! Now we are going to be evicted once again! We are now trying to move back to Wisconsin so I can be around my children and grandchildren again.
Also, since moving to Vegas, the Dr.’s here messed up my meds and now I struggle more than ever with my depression and anxiety! I am so desperate to get back to Wisconsin, not only to get back to my family but also my Dr.’s, so they can get my meds straightened out. I want to feel somewhat normal again!
Here in Vegas, we don’t know anyone, other than the co-workers that my husband had before losing his job. I’ve always been the one to help other people, I’m not the type to ask for help. It’s taking everything in me to do this but I don’t know what else to do. We have 2 days left before we are living on the streets with our dogs. I’m asking if anyone could donate whatever they can so we can get back home. Even if it’s only $5.00, everything helps! We are trying to sell everything we can to raise the money but that hasn’t gone as expected. However, we have been able to sell just over $200 of stuff and a donation from 2 others, one being a very dear cousin and the other I don’t know. So, we have managed to come up with $500 but that’s no where’s near enough to get a moving truck and load up what we can, and gas for 2 vehicles to travel from Vegas to Wisconsin. We have everything packed and ready to go but we are trying to raise the money so we can make that happen.
Now don’t get me wrong, my husband is out looking for jobs in the daytime and driving our car for Uber and Lyft at night, that and I only get benefits once a month. My husband does have 2 jobs waiting for him in Wisconsin but they won’t hold those jobs for long. Although I have a very supportive husband who has helped me get through the depths of my depression, I NEED my family and my Dr.’s more than ever before. I NEED my SUPPORT SYSTEM back! Please take the time to donate what you can, please share this with your friends and family and most of all please send your prayers! Please help to stop my depression from spiraling further out of control. Thank you for listening/reading this and thank you in advance for any help your able to give.
Thank you and God bless you all!
Jennie and Scott