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So, it has taken me over 4 months and 5700 miles of driving from Jacksonville to Detroit to Phoenix to finally land a full-time job with some health benefits (I’m Type-Diabetic and had surgery for Diverticulitis in 2010!).

Unfortunately, with this major move, I had to leave Florida and my wonderful kids and my dogs, Tessa and Boo.

Even with this current job and working my other 2 off days as a Lyft and UBER driver and any part-time DJ gigs I might pick up rarely along the way, it leaves me with very little, if any, extra income to save up so I may pay for flights needed for me to visit my family or them visit me over 2700 miles away, unfortunately!

I am reaching out, in desperation, to raise money to pay for a flight round-trip
and/or even imploring anyone in the airline industry that I may request a “buddy pass”.

As a former CSA/Ramp/Ticketing/Customer Service/Gate Agent and Reservations employee, I know how important and a privilege these are to employees.

I miss my kids terribly and they are truly a “life-support system” for me during this time. It’s been over 6 months and I really want to see my kids- in person- and just via texts, phone calls, FaceTime, and social media pages!

Please donate and help in any way that you can so I can visit them, soon!

I “thank you” in advance and appreciate any assistance or referral that you might be able to make in these difficult times.

In regards,

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