GoFundMe Help a Grieving Heart Broken Father

GoFundMe Help a Grieving Heart Broken Father

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GoFundMe Help a Grieving Heart Broken Father

I am asking for help to save my family, after losing our newborn son on Fathers Day to S.I.D.S my wife and I have suffered tremendously both in terms of our marriage and financially. We are currently over $46K in debt and are currently not able to make ends meet.

On July 31 my wife and daughters moved to Canada to stay with family so that my wife can attend school in order to attain an education that will hopefully allow her to obtain gainful employment in order to help us get through our financial difficulties. This education is obviously not free and so we have gone even further into debt through student loans, etc.

This program is also 2 years and therefore I have currently lost my wife and daughters for this time period. My heart is broken for so many reasons, I have lost my son, my family is living in another country, try as I may as the head of my family I am not able to recover from this incredible financial burden. I work as hard as possible, I give back to my community to those that are obviously less fortunate than I am by volunteering at Mission Arlington every Saturday. I am a good man, a faithful husband and loving father.

I am TRULY and GENUINELY asking for help from those that can and are able to help, in order to literally save my family. My wife and I love each other very much and want dearly be together; but the stress and heartache from losing our son, the incredible financial strain, and the incredible post traumatic stress that all of this has put on our 2 young daughters has caused us to drift apart (our marriage is hanging on by a thread).

Although this all feels so insurmountable; I sincerely believe that if we can receive some much needed financial assistance and we are able to get out of this debt, my wife and daughters can come home and we can begin the long road to rebuilding our family, to deal with as a family the loss of our son, to save our marriage and provide our daughters with the home life and family life that they truly deserve, as God had intended. I am currently 2 mortgage payments behind and am basically begging (pleading) for immediate assistance.

I am embarrassed and ashamed that I am the position of asking for help; but I promise that if this wasn't this important, I would not be asking for help.  Words could never express how sincerely grateful myself and my family would be for any and all help that we will hopefully receive.

You are not helping a family financially, but helping to truly save a family that is on the verge of being broken up with the possibility of a father and husband losing his wife and daughters.

I would like to say the most heartfelt thank you and prayers of gratitude and love in advance for your help. Truly, thank you and God bless each and everyone of you.

Thank you,
Roy Wakefield
(on behalf of Stephanie, Kaitlin & Brooklyn)


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