GoFundMe Gage’s Education Fund

GoFundMe Gage’s Education Fund

Campaign URL or Website URL : https://www.gofundme.com/f/gage039s-education-fund

Gage is the kind of kid every parent dreams of. He has never given me a moment of worry. I never had to wait up at night and wonder where he was or what trouble he has gotten himself into. He has been my rock. I’m a single mother and life in itself has been beautiful, but very unkind.

I work as hard as I can. I’ve even worked two jobs and tried business ventures to get us through, but the struggle doesn’t lessen. This past summer I realized exactly how blessed I was to have Gage in my life when I lost my job. Gage looked at me and said, “Mom, you are not in this alone. I will carry us.” And he did. He was saving for a car and instead of buying that car, he paid our bills and put food on the table for three months. One day I was driving and stressing about how I was going to pay him back and he said, “Mom, this isn’t a loan. You are the glue to this family. You do everything you can for us, so don’t think about paying me back, just think about moving forward.” I looked at my son and beamed with pride. He is exactly the kind of person we all hope to raise. He gave so easily to help his mother and siblings, not thinking for a second about himself.

This fund is for Gage. He wants to be an electrician. I don’t have the means to give him what he deserves, but I do have the ability to try to pull his dreams together for him. The class is just over 28,000. We applied for grants and Federal loans and the 11,000 is a “gap.” The gap has to be paid before he can start school. We were hoping to have him start this January but this road block suddenly came up, so we realize he may need to wait.

It takes a village to raise a family, and it will take the same village to help Gage get where he needs to be. Please share his story. Give if you can. He deserves every single penny. I wish I was the one who could give it all, but I can’t. Please help if you can, and I can’t thank you enough.

Please support this campaign https://www.gofundme.com/f/gage039s-education-fund

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