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I have a family friend who desperately needs some reliable transportation. She is a single mother of two daughters who recently became unemployed and has no vehicle to transport her children to school or doctors appointments. She is a military veteran like me. And our children have been friends for several years now. Family friends and i have been providing transportation as best we can. When she was working, she would walk to work (which is a couple of miles each way) after taking her youngest daughter to her bus stop in the morning. Her older daughter goes to a school program that does not have its own bus system. In order for her to use a bus, she would have to catch a high school bus at 6am and then wait until 9am to catch a bus going near her school which starts at 9:30am. I have been picking her up and taking her to school with my daughter (goes to the same school), after my four other children leave for school. Even though she struggles with her current situation, I never see her down or willing to ask for help. She is always the first to invite my kids over to spend the night on weekends and offers to have them over for dinner. She has more enrhusiasm, determination, and energy than any three people combined. She truly amazes me as to the example she provides for her girls. I would like to raise enough money to help her get some reliable transportation to find employment and provide the security that having your own vehicle can provide. I have been trying to fix up an old pickup that another friend gave me when I left the military. It has been five years and I still cant get it ro run. The idea was to give it to my friend that has no vehicle. Unfortunately it would cost almost $5,000 to replace the parts to get it running. I decided it might be better to just get her a more reliable vehicle, so here I am.