Gloria’s Family to help her husband

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Hi, My name is Gloria & I’m the mother of 9 kids that I will be raising on my own since a week ago. Due to my husband being taken and currently being detained with an Immigration hold in the detention center.

Since my husband was the only sole provider in the household. Me & my children are going thru a really tough time. I am currently unemployed but, currently seeking to find employment to provide my children a roof over their head.

I am in a really bad situation right now. Since, I don’t have any money right now to pay my rent and or my utility bills. And, we sure don’t want to be evicted from our home. That’s why I really want to reach out to.

My Family, Friends, & The Community to please help me & my children to get back on our feet again.

Any help will be gratefully appreciated. I thank you all so much! For helping me & my children to get back on track once again. Sending my Best Blessings to you all.

Sincerely yours,

Gloria Navarro

Updated Information

Hi there, I would thank everyone that has viewed our story & my husband’s cituation that he is going thru at this time. I would like to thank you all that have helped me & my family sharing my story & cituation w / friends & family thru their social media. Yesterday, my husband had a court hearing appt. w/ the Immigration Judge by the name of: Jeffrey L. Romig., The court hearing was in Reference: to a Notice of Custody Redetermination Hearing in Immigration Proceedings.

The Judge was able to approve my husband’s motion to request bail. The bail was set for $ 5,000.00 dollars to bail my husband out of the Henderson Detention Center. Here in Henderson, Nevada. That’s the reason that I am really reaching out to each & every one of you. To please help me & my family w/ any amount of contribution will be deeply a great help for me & my family to help my husband get out of an Immigration Detention Center. Located here in Henderson, Nevada… Once again please help me & Thank you, very much! For your friendly support.

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