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GiGi is a very loving puggle. Last night we had to take her to the emergency room because she cannot go pee. She has stones in her bladder which require emergency surgery. They were able to get one stone to pass but the x-ray shows several stones. The funds will be used for GiGi to have her surgery and all medicines x-rays and doctor visits that will be required after the surgery. She also has to have special food now which is only available by prescription. I need this money as soon as possible because they want payment for the surgery prior to them doing the procedure. GiGi has been with us for five years now. My 11 year-old daughter just lost her grandmother last December from a year long battle of kidney failure and I do not know if mentally she can at this time deal with the death of her closest friend, sister, GiGi. We will be eternally grateful for any and all help that we receive. She is really a very special puppy as we will always call her no matter her age. She is our little Puggle Wuggle Pet. We Love Her Very Much.