Getting Back On My Feet Out on the Street

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I just been put out and need help getting on my own two feet. Hey wassup. I’m Desirrae and many of you know me as Tyshelle. My “grandmother” recently changed the locks on me and refuses to let me back in the house.

Now i am out on the streets in the rain and alone. So now i need money to try and get up on my own two feet. My job isnt cutting it and im just barely getting by. I just need enough to get a place of my own and maybe a lil rinky dink car or something. This is not a drill nor is this a joke. I dont normally put my business out there but there’s something about how the internet works that gives me faith in humanity that id have people who would be willing to help me out in a pinch. So even the smallest amount would help. Anything you can. This is an emergency situation. Like life or death. Thank You n GodBless.!

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