Fundraising 4 Underprivileged Youth!

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As we head into the 2018/2019 school year many black families, in low-income areas, do not have the support to provide their children with their school supply needs.

Recent tax changes have crippled teachers in supplying their own classrooms with the necessary tools needed to give these children a full learning experience while making life harder for under funded schools.

So I am taking it upon myself to lend a helping hand the best way that I can by raising funds to purchase supplies(bookbags, notebooks, pencils, rulers, erasers etc..) for elementary school children in the 3rd – 5th grades. The purchases will be made from predominately black owned businesses first.

Due to the rules of school districts I am not permitted to find out out who needs what so I’ll be gifting these children through the local Boys & Girls Club & other organizations in the Philadelphia school district. Also, remaining funds will go to wiping out school lunch debt, much like what the school district where Philando Castile worked did for the students. Lunch debt is horrible for children to incur. If you care & are able to give, please do, the children need your help. Thanks.

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