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My name is Riyanna Dolatian Santos i born on 02/01/2017 with chronicle kidney failure, my condition unfortunately get worst in the pass months.

Right now my kidneys are working by 10% to 15%.

I whose submitted to several different operations and several treatments the first operation I whose submitted to put catheter connected to my stomach to provide my milk, the second operation whose to put another catheter under by abdomen for the dialyses treatment.

My blood analysis levels they are always unstable do to my kidney condition.

I’m expecting to start dialyses treatment son to hopefully start to increase weight to prepare myself to the transplant, my actual weight is 6.1Kg but to make the kidney transplant is required for me to have 15 Kg so still am half of the way.

I’m making this fund raise to be transfer to Cleveland Clinic in Ohio USA to make my dialyses treatment and transplant the reason of this fund raise is to pay for all required treatment and transplant, and for the expenses of my mother and twin brother stay with me along this process.

I’m begging the help of everyone to support me and my family for me to become a normal baby.

From now I like to say thank you to all from my heart.

Appreciate your help and time

Regards and kisses

Riyanna Dolatian Santos

Parents Comment:

I will like from now to say thank you to all.

Riyanna she have now 6.1 kilograms and we need to start dialyses for her to grow and gain weight to reach 15 kg to make the transplant we are begging the help of everyone to help our daughter we know that it’s a long and painful process for her.

This campaign is for us to cover her stay in hospital for dialyses treatment for almost 1 year because in her situation she need 1 year to rich 15 Kg for medication and for the operation of kidney transplant am hoping that i will be compatible to donate my kidney to her otherwise the hospital need to arrange the kidney and is extra cost and to mobilize her mother and her twin brother to stay with her in the hospital.

So the amount that am putting for this fund raise its to cover all this procedure.

As a parents we will do everything to save our child’s.

Thanks to all and god bless you