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Trying to raise money for our dram cafe that was in the works before dad dying. Now at the point to do that. We are 90 % done building has been put into place electric is hooked up. The last was the plumbing and to regulations plays they say we aren’t not going to be able to do the easiest way now. Which budgeted for that route. It will be thousands more out of unexpected .

My name is B.J. at least that is what my friends and family calls me. My story isn’t as needy as someone who has cancer or that needs an organ transplant but it is about where my life is now and why i need your help ans support .

My story begins a little over 2.5 years ago when my dad and i had a dream of opening a take out restaurant. We sat down and put our dreams on paper. I realize he was getting the details down to a fine point, as he knew then that he was dying of cancer.

Dad did not live long enough to see the details form into place, nor was he there the day the cafe building was delivered as he had died before all of that could happen.

Mom came on board with us shortly before dad died and
She was instrumental in ordering the various supplies and equipmental needing as well as getting contact names and numbers for contractors, helping to set up utility functions. She was like my own personal assistant.

When dad died Iwas devestated, but things looked even bleaker when a month to the day after dads death, mom had a freak accident that broke the femur and tibia bones in her left leg. She was hospitalized , had surgery to fix the leg and things plodded along for me while she spent the next 2 years going to doctor visits , having exrays taken, and various medical procedures, physical therapy sessions with 6 different doctors and the final conclusion was that 2 years down the road , she is still facing a surgery to remove the hardware in her leg and replace the knee.

The fact in all of this I was the only one instrumental in being able to get her out of bed and into a wheelchair and drive her to the various appointments. Being self employed my business suffered to the point we were scrambling just to meet expenses and put food on the table.

Still my dreams were plugging along until I learned a few days ago that I had to have a sewer septic system put in for my building to function. In the beginning we were led to believe the installation of plumbing would be the purchasing of two tanks; one white for clear water and one grey for waste water and have the plumber hook everything up. I learned the tanks would not be allowed and the need for my own septic system would have to be installed. This is where my dreams have haulted. Two years and close to thirty thousand dollars later and I am facing my dreams going up in smoke. My 30,000 investnents, my dreams and the fact I cannot honor my and my dads dreams are weighing heavy on my heart. This is where you all come in. I am asking for help to fund and support the $ 9950 cost to put that sustem in so that I can open the “Once In A Blue Moon” cafe.

I would be most grateful for any blessings you could send my way. You will be forever be in my prayers.

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