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Hello, my name is Nina Kelly. I am a Millennial fighting the oppressor known as Navient. A few years ago I borrowed 30,000 from Sallie Mae in order to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Business. For that I am currently serving a 30 year sentence with Navient.

For 40 hours a week sometimes 48, I work my job in Finance. Have never been in trouble with the law, don’t have any vices or children but still have a hard time keeping up with payments to Navient. Since January of this year, I’ve made several calls about my payments being lowered. I started out polite and answered all their question about where my money goes to get nowhere. If I don’t pay the amount they asked I am rewarded with a 4 to 5 point decrease on my credit score monthly. I speak with some of my college buddies, who are employed as well and no matter what we discuss on the phone, Student loans always become a part of the conversation and they are going through the same thing. Lucky for me I didn’t attend grad school and only owe 60,000 dollars.

So after a frustrated phone call with the loan company, I had a brainstorming session and decided I would post my story to GoFundMe. Some of my co-workers told me it was a bad idea to ask for money online to help with my finances. “ I could just stack up on Ramen Noodles and struggle or get a sugar daddy off one of these social media sites.” I think a little help from fellow peers and others who understand what its like to watch a company continue to increase payments that aren’t reasonable, that fell for the same lie about if you just go to college you will be able to pay the loan off with all of this money you will make and or that the loan would be looked at as good debt and would not effect your credit score. If any of that sounds familiar, you could find it in your heart to help me gain my freedom and be successful.

So please share my story, I’m a realistic person and don’t actually expect to raise the entire amount. Any amount provided helps lower my payment and or the interest on my student loans. I understand those who are hesitant, I read a lot of Go Fund Me pages where people ask for superficial items or have most serious problems than I but I just want to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about how I’m going to make a payment this month. 1 dollar from 60,000 people frees me from my financial jail.