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Currently out of date marine distress flares are being illegally dumped due to a lack of sustainable or accessible disposal routes. This is causing an increase in both human and environmental risks. Our aim is to provide a free to use nationwide service (including the UK mainland, Northern Ireland and the other coastal islands) for the collection and disposal of out of date marine distress flares. There are very few disposal routes and those that do exist are often many miles from the majority of boat owners. Equally, there are restrictions on the number of flares that can be handed in and specific booking time must be agree.
If we meet our funding goal then the service will be free of charge for 4 years. If we meet our stretch goal then 8+years of service will be available. Once the infrastructure is in place and established then the collection and disposal service costs less than £75 per annum
Our plan is to locate purpose built specialist stores at key sites across the UK (23 in total) in order to provide members of the public with access to an easy to use service which is within easy reach. The service would be free of charge to use once established via this campaign.
If we fail to reach our funding goal we will still deliver a reduced level of service to those areas most in need