Forced marriage

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Hello everyone ,My name is Akshay Mehta . I came in Canada from India in the year 2015 for higher studies. I am a professional cook now waiting for my permanent resident in Canada . I have been residing in Canada for 3 years 5 months now. I normally work on a lower wage 8 -10 hrs on a daily basis. Here is the story of what made me to join the go fund me …..I have a girlfriend from Albania she is going to be 21 in the month of June2018 .I talk to her almost everyday. Majority of the time every 12 hours . Due to long distance if I could ever find time for her is before going to work and after I finish work from kitchen . We use social media application for communication .

One day I was told by her that that she is getting forced into engagement by her parents with a follow up marriage from the overseas guy for their selfish reason. As it happened all of a sudden ….. I tried to go to her country thereby applying for visa and to get her, But it was late as it got refused . Being their tradition culture it is quiet hard to go against it especially when it comes to girl or a women. After, I supported her all the time over the phone during this time bring her back to normal and motivating her. As of now, I am planning on getting her back legally which will require me three lawyers from three different countries…

1. Lawyer form her country : for legally filing divorce and separation.

2. Lawyer from my country : for us to legally marry each other in my country .

3. Lawyer from my country: who can help me to put sponsorship paper for spouse.

When it comes to A lawyer I can try to handle it . But it’s a lot more challenging for me to even get assist from them in this aspect.

I would love to share her photos here soon when she is here . I assure you .! As because of confidential reasons am obligated. I will try to work more hours in my work place to reach to required amount .

Any minimum donation you people would do is hearty accepted along with prayers, blessings and suggestions. The sooner the better I will prepare myself to get her. My email is

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