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Working to make dreams come true, and show and share with the world my life and passion. I am a chef that has been working for other people my entire career. Now it’s time for me too step out on my own and show the world what I have been doing, and what I can do. Every company, ever job all started from a dream. A dream that has been fought for and made too come true. That’s what I am doing now, fighting too make my dream come true. I ask that you go to and view my work. Then please go too, and give what you can.

As a chef there is nothing more exciting to me then creating great dishes. For over 10+ years I’ve been working for other people, now it’s time to do it for myself. My goal is too raise over $125,000. To either purchase a food truck or a small restaurant. I will not only serve the best quality food but also the healthiest food possible with great taste. I know it’s a lot of food trucks and restaurant out here, but I asked you to go to ask a chef Chicago, on Facebook and see my work. And also ask people about my work, and give me my one single chance to bring this work to the world. I am looking to get started on this as soon as possible my goal is to have a truck or restaurant by the beginning of next year with your help this will be possible. So if you can donate whatever you can $1 or more Can help me get started and also might be the amount needed to help me reach my goal. Please share this post, and comment to as many people as you can th