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My father, currently 58 years old, was a hardworking and dependable mechanic for more than 20 years. The truck and my father have gone through a lot together and that truck was always an important piece in this family’s life. The truck, however, broke down while moving to where we currently live nearly ten years ago. It currently needs new tires, many new parts in the engine, and bodywork done. The truck was never sold as scrap, no matter how desperate for money we became, because the truck is so important to my father. My mother, a middleschool teacher, and my father (currently on leave from his job for medical issues), have never been able to save enough money to fix the truck because they have to support me and my two siblings. This truck, while extremely important emotionally to the family, is also extremely vital in our life. A side effect of living in the wilderness is that trucks become a tool instead of just being a vehicle. Without this truck it has become extremely difficult to get anything that cannot fit in the back of a midsize sedan. This means that trash, building supplies, and furniture all become nearly impossible to transport. Supporting this would mean an exceptional amount to my father because of how much he loves that truck, but a massive amount to the entire family because of how vital it is to life.