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I am raising money to fix up our family home of over 50 years! I am not exactly sure on how much it will cost to fix up our home! It needs a lot of work even more now since a neighbor of mine has been breaking into our home a lot of damage has been made including to doors that had nothing wrong & the progress that I had already made.

Some repairs that needs to be done is some roofing, soffit, facial repair, painting, drywall, doors, windows, sewage, appliances like hot water heaters & furnace even though not that old, trees needs to be cut down, driveway, garage doors, flooring, some plumbing & electrical.

That is an idea of what needs to be done. I own my own home it is bought & paid for so no mortgage! At this time I do not qualify for a loan or any type of assistance lord knows I’ve been trying! I get all sorts of reasons why I don’t qualify none that I think is adequate in my book!

I wish I didn’t have to go this route it pains me to see that I am even doing this! When the idea of starting a GoFundMe account was mentioned to me I had turned it down flat & said that I didn’t want a handout & that I wanted to pay & do it all with my hard earned money that I work for or to something to that degree!

Yes I would get quotes & hire certified quality people! I in return had mentioned about me starting a GoFundMe account with other people I know they were for it & had said “why not? Look at what all you do for others not expecting anything in return! You (I) have a very loving & giving heart, you’re a good person & everyone needs a little help sometimes!” I have a nice size beautiful yard where children would come to play my rule(s) was that I had to be home & outside plus had to meet parents to make sure that it was ok for their children to play in the yard! Some of these neighborhood children don’t have a yard of their own to play in or anything to play with much less able to go to the park! It’s not just for my family that would benefit but children of all ages & who knows maybe they will have a parent that wants to share the joy with their child as well! Back to my family! Y

es I am a single Mother of two children & loving it! I have a son (13) who gives me the run for my money or however that saying goes he has special needs & asthma & my daughter (10) who had at one time had five food allergies is down to one for the most part! Who is my outgoing who wants to get involved in as much as she possibly can! Together we are a tight loving family & no matter what life throws at us as long as we have each other we will bounce back! We may drive each other nuts along the way but what is family for!

I picture everyday the smiles on my children faces as well as mine which I will probably be crying like I am now face it I care! My will have the space that they need! We will be able to have our home: play dates, slumber parties, obstacle courses in the yard, water balloon fights, jump roping, family movie night, family game night, we do a lot as a family! Always busy! Our home is worth fixing up!

Thank you for reading our story!

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