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A major natural disaster has devastated the island of Puerto Rico. After wo Category 3 Hurricane, the Island nation AND UNITED STAETS TERRITORY has been almost wiped off the Map. People are devastated and are fighting for materials that they need – food, clean water, gasoline to run generators – and the American government is at a standstill. These children, men, and women have survived despite all odds, and they need help to rebuild. About 97% of the US commonwealth’s 3.4 million residents were still in the dark Wednesday, one week after Hurricane Maria slammed into said. About half the residents do not have running water.

“Officials are working to get food, fuel and water everywhere on the island as millions of people continued to suffer without the basics and reports emerged of vital supplies stranded at Puerto Rico’s main port. Right now, we are in emergency mode. Our focus is not necessarily restoring energy. The energy grid has been destroyed. … And we need to rebuild it. That does not get rebuilt in days.” –Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló

Puerto Ricans are waiting hours in line to get gas, food and cash. Gas stations and supermarkets are rationing supplies, while banks are running low on cash.

In the fire service, we are called to serve the people of our districts, towns, and cities. We are often the first ne of defense to protect the people. in the face of all this devastation, we are seeing people rise up to help but they need help. They need support. And they need assistance.

I am challenging you all – fire, EMS, police, military, civilian – to do what you can and spread the message to help. Even $1.00 will go far with your support and your share to spread the word. I hope that my brother and sister firefighters will step up and help.

We need to get them the assistance that they need now, not when the politicians on both sides of the aisle decide to stop fighting and start acting. We need to act NOW as Americans to support and help our fellow citizens rebuild and try to have a life again.

Please share and spread the word. Please help them rebuild.