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Hi. This is Owen.

One of the best things that have happened to me is her. The problem is that I may be banned for life from finding a job that can support her as my wife. Even with a master’s degree, those HR fellas will never hire me due to the fact that I: “have no experience”, I’m carving my own destiny with my own business, but the cash flows coming from that only pay for as little as some bills. If it wasn’t for my own family, I wouldn’t be eating right now.

She cried a lot when I told her I wasn’t going to be able to go visit her in Vietnam for our wedding in August, yet, she has been great with me. You know you’ve found the right one when she’s willing to stay with you, no matter what.

I’m not here to ask you for money for our wedding. Right now, there is something that’s more urgent. Please let me tell you more about her.

She’s the daughter of a family of little coffee bean producers from a small rural community. All the women in her community have gotten themselves out of there through marriage.

But she’s special folks. She wanted to forge her own destiny away from a life of quiet serfdom and devotion to a husband.

She knew she had the brains and the spirit to study medicine (At the Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy), but, no matter how much she wanted it, her parents haven’t been able to support her dreams. She turned to her sister, a schoolteacher who’s married to a very successful professor with a high income. They have been helping her out to pay for her long term stay at college, till now.

Last month a quarrel between the couple ended up that financial aid and now she has nobody to help except for me. But I’m not able to deliver my promise. Still; I have to try.

As you see, fortune isn’t smiling on her either. If the goal is not accomplished, she’ll leave college for life and start working on dead-end jobs to support herself.

I don’t want to make more mistakes. As soon as I find another job, I’ll save in order to provide for her. Chances are scarce, but I’m determined to do so, no matter how difficult it may be. My greatest wish is to get back to her arms.

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