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Film Making Documentary School Final Project Pay it Forward GoFundME Viral Promo

Life changing difference, that is what I am asking you to help me accomplish today. I am a dedicated and passionate student that has dreamed of succeeding as a director. Currently I am going in the final process and stages to make a movie / documentary in school and in order to complete my assignment and schooling I am in grateful need some funding.

I require “tools of the trade” in order to complete my directorial debut which includes:

1. Equipment,
2. Assistant personnel to assist with production, lighting, sound, editing and other.

This is a school project for the community and the school that will last the entire year, and constantly need supports and fundraising from all people.

I am appreciating for your support and the final video will be posted on the website.

The Project video is a sample of recording my school life, without others’ support. It will be very good to gather much support from others’.

I believe in the concept of “Pay it Forward” and upon successful completion of my production I will return the favor and mentor and apprentice others.

Thanking you in advance for ALL your support and time and welcome your assistance!

Make a difference today