Fight for Jason to See His Daughter

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First, I would like to tell you about Jason.  He came to Canada in 2001 from Jamaica.  He was raised by his Grandmother because his mother gave him away to another woman when he was 3 weeks old.  His Grandmother eventually found him and took him in.  His Grandmother did the best she could but because of the poor conditions she could not afford to send him to school.

When he came to Canada he got a job as a painter/renovator.  He worked at the same job until he was injured in 2014 but is now working again but because of his injury he could not go back to the work he was doing and is now only making minimum wage.

He married in 2003 and had a daughter the same year.

While he was on disability, he seperated from his wife.  She falsely accused him of assaulting her which he was cleared of.  She took his disability money the same day he was arrested.  He ended up having a peace bond on him and could not go home.  She took his money, he had no where to go and could not see his daughter.  It has now been almost 3 years that he has not seen her but not for lack of trying.  In the time he has been gone, his daughter has been alienated from him.  His ex-wife was told by the courts to take their daughter for therapy which until this day she has not done.  She is now in contempt of court.

Because of our family court system here in Canada, it is allowing his ex-wife to be able to keep his daughter away from him unless he goes to court.  He was told to take someone to court for Contempt of Court will take at least 3 times and alot of money.  Jason is devastated that he cannot see his daughter and the system is allowing it to happen.

He doesn’t understand how 2 people can make a child and 1 parent can keep them away from the other, because they can.  This is so wrong.  We have phoned everyone from MP’s, MPP’s, News stations and papers and the Attorney General’s Office to get help.  The only answer we get is that it is a court matter.

Jason would be overcome with appreciation if he could get the money to be able to go to court to see his daughter.  He pays child support because he still wants to support his daughter even though he cannot see her.  He is at his wit’s end and would be forever grateful to be able to go to court and fight for his rights as a father to see his daughter and try to get back the relationship he had with her before.

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