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Fentanyl Awareness and Information GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Given the current fentanyl epidemic, I felt it necessary to help in any way that I could. I have noticed that there was a big disconnect between the general public and the addict or drug user dealing with this fentanyl crisis. The news does not seem to provide much useful information. They present the material as if it continues to be an addiction isolated issue and the general public has nothing to fear. This is not in fact the case as first time drug users make up at least 30 percent of the overdose deaths so far this year. That means that your children may be at risk and you do not even know it. Something has to be done to ensure the safety of our children and help must be made available to addicts everywhere.

I have added another website to my information offering, On this website I have provided information on the drug as well as symptoms of abuse, overdose, treatment and naloxone. Hopefully the general public can review this information and educate their children, and if they are at risk, know what they can do in case of an incident.

I am already offering free credit repair information through my website with a FREE credit repair e-book. As well I have FREE seize or sue information provided on my website As I am currently a student in an “Addictions and Social Work” program I do not have any extra cash to provide all of these sites at not charge for an indefinite period of time. I have paid for some of them until mid 2017 but have ongoing monthly expenses for the fentanyl facts website. I would like the funds to convert this to a yearly paid site so I can ensure that the information is not disrupted and made continuously available to the public. As well I would like to do a small promotional program (perhaps $200 worth) to get the word out to the public that this resource is available.

For more information on myself and my recovery please visit my personal blog at or visit my LinkedIn profile at Helping those struggling with addiction and mental health issues has become my passion. I have a lot to give back and I am doing what I can. Please help me to continue to do that the best that I can.