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After desperately searching for our beloved aunt and 2 kids, we were so relieved to have finally found them. Took us 6 days after the hurricane passed to get in contact through many media outlets, and embassy as well as utilizing Facebook and message boards. Incredible what the power of technology can do in times of desasters to bring people together.

After finding my aunt, and 2 cousins and briefly chatting with them, which was difficult being that communication is still scrippled and there is no electricity and water on the island our plan is to evacuate her off the island. She will most likely stay with my mom in Pennsylvania. Her home is gone, the roof completely blown off, and all her personal posession has been damaged. Trying to raise some funds, to assist her with recovering her items she lost, such as clothing and bed etc. The funds will mostly go towards rebuilding her roof, then thereafter replacing necessities such as clothing and bed furniture etc. Our family are assisting with evacuation and flight arrangements, however as we all know the financial burden it can put on one self expecially when you have your own family and daily expense.

Please note your are not obligated to donate, we appreciate any help we get to assist them its the thought which counts not the amount. We ou course will be matching our donation to assist them with the recovery process.

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