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My name is Davon Baxter. I am a loving husband and father of three (10, 6 and a 6 month old baby girl). I am a recent college graduate. I earned my Associate of Arts in IT Support and my Bachelor of Science in Programming and Software Development. I am no deadbeat and I do not like asking for handouts or even help, but I am in dire need right now. I work fulltime (hard manual labor) and I make very little money, but even with that, I have been able to make ends meet just barely.

I have recently had my hours cut very short and I am now having a very hard time keeping my families head above water. I have been looking very hard for a better paying job that will allow me to support my family. I have had interviews and gone in full business attire to interviews that did not require it. I have had absolutely no luck. I have been told that I killed the interview by the employer, but I still was not selected for the job. I am now at the point that I am about to lose my car and our home.

I do not have a lot of family, and the family I do have cannot help. I have nowhere to go if we get kicked out, so I am in fear that I will lose my family. I am trying everything that I can to make it work, but I keep applying for jobs and getting no replies. I need help. I love my family and I just want to be able to work and provide for them. I am a good man with no habits and we pray every day, but we get no answer.

I know that this is a typical sob story, but I am a person that is trying with all his might to help himself, but I need a hand to reach down and just give me a bit of help. I have two weeks to pay my rent or my family is out on the streets and the bank is only going to wait so long before they take my means of transportation. I need help and I have no one to turn to.

I know I just need a boost to get out of the whole that I am currently in and then continue to work and chase jobs and I know the lord will eventually answer my calls. Thank you for reading this wall of text this is my story, can anyone help?

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