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Eyes surgery funding

Hello peoples from around the world ! i am a little dog with name Maggie , i am a good dog but unfortunately i was born not like all dogs , i have unplesant eye problems , the doctor told me that I need urgent surgery , otherwise I will remain blind 🙁

I have a friend with name Rex , i love very much to play with him , sometimes it happens that we are sleeping together , but it is our secret please do not talk to anyone ! because i have only 6 months old and my owner forbids sleeping with Rex because he think i’m still a little dog 🙂

Ahh my owner , he is my best friend ! i love him and he loves me a lot , I really enjoy playing with him , he has a very beautiful girlfriend and she also plays with me , and they sometimes sleep together…Oops i did it again ! i did not have to say that secret , please! do not talk to anyone 🙂 By the way, they plan to get married , i look forward to seeing their wedding , to see them waltz dancing !hmmm love love love … “I sing (what is love ? baby dont hurt me! dont hurt me! no more :)))”

Dear peoples i love life very much ! I ask you very much for help me to do my surgery , the doctor told it would cost 1,500 EUR , i dont know what is it EUR but I hope your help me my dears ! because my owner has no idea where to find so many EUR, He and his girlfriend are desperate , all hope is in you gratified people with a great heart.
Thanks to all
With LOVE !!!

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