Evo-T Sci-Fi Models

The War is everywhere, no place is sicure anymore….

What will defend you?

….Choose your Vehicle

Evo-T (Evolution Tank) is our new Sci-Fi line, for all the world.

It was born about ten years ago by an idea of the model designer Germàn Impache, that after had worked in the field of rapid prototyping for industry, cinema, advertising, decides to make vehicles of futuristic design in assembly box, succeeding the advent of new 3D technologies and new generation printers, to create very complex objects and a truly astonishing detail. In this campaign are offered 1:100 scale vehicles for 15 mm wargaming enthusiasts around the world.

All our model is realised with particular care on the proportion and only with hight quality resin, only the best for you.

We have all the model, the personal, the knowing of, what we need is start the production. We need your support to allow this.