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This summer, I am planning on investing in my future with an Atlantis Fellowship. The Atlantis Project pairs pre-health students with doctors in hospitals across the world in order to help students like me understand their place in the medical field and get first-hand experience shadowing physicians. As you may know, getting serious shadowing experience here in the States is both extremely competitive and rigorously regulated. Yet, pre-med students are all but required to have shadowing experiences, along with
unique extracurricular pursuits, to get accepted into medical school. The Atlantis Project satisfies both needs. I will get the opportunity with the program to:
shadow international physicians, rotate weekly through a variety of specialties for 20 hours a week, go on group excursions to experience my host country’s culture,
and volunteer to help tutor English to hospital staff.
I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read this. I’m hoping that you can help me continue to pursue my passion for medicine, whether that be by donating any amount that you can—or perhaps by introducing me to people you may know that would be interested in helping me fundraise the money
for this investment in my future. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!