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Smile a Child requires emergency financial support for the heart surgery of 3 year old Mariam Nabadda.

Smile a Child (SAC), is a Christian based orphanage in Uganda, East Africa. Paul Benon Muyomba is the founder and director of SAC.
Heritage of Israel, NFP, a US non-profit Ministry that works in partnership with SAC. Jason Zebell is the Founder of Heritage of Israel. Mariam is one of just under 100 orphans at Smile a Child, but, was born with a hole in her heart.
The Doctors have said that she is not expected to live a healthy, long life if she does not receive surgery as soon as possible.

Administration and Authenticity:
1) The Smile a Child, US based representatives are Jason Klein and Jason Zebell. We support Smile a Child via the US non-profit ministry, HERITAGE OF ISRAEL, NFP. This ensures that 100% of donations are held accountable and will go directly to the surgery of Mariam Nabadda. *The relationship with SAC is almost 2 years and has been aggressively audited for authenticity.
2) All donors will be provided with US tax forms for tax right-off purposes.
3) All donors will receive a weekly video journal of Mariam’s progress.

We appreciate your time, prayers and support,

Smile a Child & Heritage of Israel