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My mother in law has fallen . She has a huge gash in her head and a broken hip. She is 85 years old. These funds will be used to help pay for the trip to the Philippines and any excess medical expenses. Her grandchildren will be going as well . ages 5 and 10 for a total of 4 people traveling .

We plan on staying for a bit till everything is taken care of. I myself am a disabled vet and my disability income wasn’t enough to cover these expenses . Thank you for your support .

On Saturday evening August 9th my Mother In law  Adelaida 87 years old  was in an  accident at home in Laguna Philippines with her family.

Emergency medical services transferred her directly to the local medical hospital Saint Jude. After physician assessments and multiple scans we now know that Adelaida has a fracture right hand,bruises all over body, head trauma and hip broken. Also is no longer able to walk .

As I am in the States  a disabled Vet . .  My wife Emma and I are trying are hardest in supporting her and getting her the best care she can get.   She will be needing a caregiver , physical therapy, and travel back to the house . The house she is staying in is my wife’s house in the philippines but do to recent storms and bad weather . The house needs a lot of repairs .  Cost of medical services is roughly 5000$-10000$ . The house needs repairs to include updated electrical wiring , bathroom overhaul , and flooring repairs. estimated cost is around 4000$.  Caregiver cost is about 1400$ a month .  She will be able to watch over her and take care of her and give her the required help while family is away .  Outside my wife not being their the only family she has there is her grandchildren who are not able to take care of her . Cost for my wife and our children to fly to the Philippines and to get accommodations is roughly 5k USD

We could really use your help to alleviate some stress and anxiety of the financial factors that are to come in the near future.

We appreciate the love, support, prayers and encouragement as we move forward in this process!


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