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Ember is a beautiful tortoiseshell kitten who was adopted from a local humane society for my good friend’s son’s birthday. After a few days of being home, she had developed a bit of a sneeze. No one thought it was serious, but she was brought to the vet anyways and was treated with antibiotics.

She was supposed to show improvement within a few days, however, she started to get worse. She was again brought back to the vet and now she had a fever. They did X-rays to check for a pneumonia, everything seemed clear, so they gave her some fluids and sent her home on a different antibiotic. However, a few days later there was still no improvement. That’s when things started to get scary, as she was hiding and clearly losing an alarming amount of weight.

She was then brought to another animal hospital who immediately admitted her because of her poor state. They started her on IV fluids and ran blood work and everything pointed to the Panleuk or Parvo virus. We knew very little about this virus, but soon learned that treatment is basically an extended hospital stay of IV fluids and antibiotics which is considered supportive care.

We waited and waited, and it seemed like forever. Every day showed no improvement at all, and the vets did not know if she would recover. But after four days in the hospital with virtually no improvement, she actually started to eat again and her immune system started responding. However, now she had turned anemic and required a blood transfusion. The hospital where she was at could not perform a transfusion, so she was transferred her to another animal hospital who could. She had the transfusion that evening, and by the next day, she started perk up and seem like a kitten again. She was now grooming herself again and eating normal. They released her home the next day!

Since being home Ember has continued to get stronger and stronger. Ember only made it through this because of the vets who were able to care for her 24/7. The type of virus she had is very aggressive, and we are so lucky that she made it. We cannot thank the vets enough, as they went above and beyond for Ember and allowed a happy ending to all of this. However, all these vet visits, hospital stays, etc. have left my friend with some serious vet bills. And, she still continues to need followup care which is even more expenses.

We believe Ember was exposed to the virus while in the shelter, as she started developing symptoms almost immediately after arriving home. Unfortunately, she was not vaccinated while in the shelter, and thus wasn’t able to be vaccinated upon arriving home as she already had the virus. We are so lucky that Ember’s story has a happy ending.

Any funds raised will be used to pay for Ember’s medical care. If any funds are raised that exceed what she needs, the remainder will be donated to cats in need. Thank you for any help, or sharing her story. I hope it provides inspiration to others whose animal may be going through a similar situation.