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I’m a very ambitious young black woman and I believe working hard for everything that I have. I go to school and work. I am currently attending classes at Cleveland State University. I know a lot of you must thinking oh lord what does this girl want? Tickets to a concert or money for a surgery?

To answer all these pressing questions all I want from you is an investment so that I can one day serve you the public? I mean in an “on my knees way” I’m no Monica. I want to a lawyer and not just that a public defender and not just that I want to run for public office as either a senator or maybe even president.

I’m no stranger to hard work. I do make a living that keeps a roof over my head but I need time to study for the good grades. Nowadays scholarships are hard to come by so I’m asking you the public to invest in so that one day I can change the world and make it a better place. I need funding for law school only.

I’ve decided to drown myself in student loans for the rest of my education. I just need support that I promise through my actions I will pay you back.