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Abundance training Solutions is an alternative training organisation offering learning and employment to disabled adults. A formal qualification in a range of workplace roles that can lead to ongoing employment.

Remember as a child how simple and easy life seemed? Then came school, friendships formed, you learnt about English, Maths, Geography, Science. Seemed irrelevant and boring didn’t it? After leaving school, you often wondered why you needed school. In reality, we never really think back about how those learning years impacted on who we are now. What about your children, have you often wondered about their future, like your parents would have thought about yours? But what if you have a child that has special needs?

How easy will it be for them to become a manager, maybe an executive, doctor, lawyer or a politician, the thing is, it’s not always that easy to find employment at the best of times, however, having a physical, intellectual or learning impairment would make finding work more difficult.

How would it make you feel if your son or daughter was never given a chance to work because they take a little longer to learn basic tasks, or express anger because someone does not understand them? Maybe they have a special gift that makes them appear to look different to others.

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