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Divine Light Veganics: Heirloom Microgreens World-Wide YouCaring Boost IDIDIT Campaign

Our goal: to raise funds to successfully sell locally at the Downers Grove Farmer’s Market & ship orders online throughout the world from our website! With your support, this is possible!!

The idea started as a hobby to venture out of “traditional” growing practices commonly used by today’s modern farmers. I started by only using vegan-friendly soil & plant nutrients, as most farmers use a source of animal-by products or manure that is not guaranteed to be non-GMO or even organic.

After continuously being let down by the quality and transparency of how food is really grown from seed to mature plant, in July 2016, the idea to source the purest seeds, soil, water and air for my own food planted a fertile seed in reality. Starting as a passion for growing veganically (vegan-friendly + organic) in a greenhouse with the most natural means of growing, the harvest of such idea has been truly abundant. Since incorporating certified organic heirloom seeds exclusively to my varieties, my idea and message transformed into something even more profound: the importance of preserving our ancient and unknown past, while saving & sustaining the future for ALL life. In other words, to make the unknown sourcing & transparency of the way our food is grown, known to the general public through Divine Light Veganics’ imitative growing technique to that of nature.

Since then, Divine Light Veganics unexpectedly started contributing these veganic heirloom microgreen harvests to locals weekly, whom luckily, loved our freshness, transparency in means of growing almost as much as we do! With that said, as of February 10th 2017, Divine Light Veganics has transformed by officially becoming a self-proclaimed business to better serve the public and all of humanity! By growing the most fresh and nutrient-dense living foods, Divine Light Veganics can now provide one of the most powerful forms of healing medicine, the way nature intended. We strive for only the most natural means of growing possible, every step of the process: from seedling to microgreen!

Why veganic heirloom microgreens? Compared to conventional produce, microgreens are grown for 7–21 days before hand-harvested. Instead of wilting away waiting to be eaten at the grocery store, our microgreens are delivered locally/shipped the same day as harvest to ensure freshness and preserve their delicate yet potent nutrients! Grown with the highest love in veganic soil with added crystal infused oceanic plasma technology, Divine Light Veganic microgreens offer up to 40 times more nutrients than their mature parent plants through essential trace minerals & elements! Our organic heirloom seeds offer a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals & enzymes which are not normally found in conventional GMO varieties. These super-living foods contain more nutrient-rich bioavailablity than when grown to maturity & are jam packed with vitamin C, loaded with beta carotenes, abundant in vitamin E as well as vitamin K! But this is not to say they don’t offer others, as well. They offer the same, yet greater amount of nutritional qualities of the same plant grown to maturity.

In 2 months from now, we envision ourselves selling live trays of veganic heirloom microgreens locally at the Downers Grove Farmer’s Market. BUT, we can’t do it without your help! Being a soon-to-be-college-graduate, your support is VITAL for our success as a business, as you are the sole reason we grow! We are currently self-funded through our proprietor, Kailei Malauskas, & to-date, all expenses have come out of pocket. In order to further reach success and share veganic heirloom microgreens with the rest of the world, we are graciously asking for your loving support. Clearly, big & bold changes are coming about to Divine Light Veganics, though this is only some of the future plans we have to continue growing & sharing with all humanity! This will only be made possible with your generosity in our cause.

You are so appreciated and I sincerely thank you for all your support to this very day! Without you, our purpose wouldn’t be nearly as meaningful. You’re the gateway to preserving the past and protecting our future. We have so many profound manifestations in the making for Divine Light Veganics, from micro to macro. By sharing with you and the rest of the world our very special locally greenhouse-grown veganic heirloom microgreens, we are that much closer to fully blossoming into fruition with your generous support!