Disabled (911) Marine Corps Vet Moving Assistance

Campaign URL or Website URL : gf.me/u/xjkd3p

I am a 100% Disabled Marine Corps Veteran who served my time during 911 era. I started this campaign because I have searched endlessly for help and cannot find any out there. I made sure to look everywhere before starting this campaign.

The short of it is, I am disable due to my service. I have 6 children and a wife, making our household 8, YES, the brady bunch for sure. I am in need of moving back to my hometown to receive additional help from my family because of my disabilities. Currently I live 9 hours away from the closest family member, so I need to find a way to get home. This move would make my life easier as I would have others who can help me, and not only have to depend on my wife.

My wife cooks, cleans, takes care of out 6 children, and I know sometimes it can be stressful to do it all when I cannot help due to my disabilities. So I am not only trying to help myself here, but I want to take the stress off of my superwoman wife. The VA helps out a lot with things such as medical, sometimes food, and even gifts during the holidays, but they do not have a program to move a Veteran from point A to point B. While you are in the military, you receive this service free of charge all the time, so I don’t understand why you don’t when you are a Veteran, especially 100% disabled Veteran due to your service. So this is why I am here asking for help.

If I can’t get the assistance I need for my disabilities, which requires being closer to family, then my wife is stuck in this never ending loop of stress, and I am stuck burdening her. I don’t want this, so this is why I simply am reaching out to all of you. Thank you

Please support a Veteran https://www.gofundme.com/f/disabled-911-marine-corps-vet-moving-assistance

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