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Depressive Malaysian LGBT Community Situation / GoGetFunding

-Help A Depressed Gay Muslim-

Good day to all of you kind hearts,

Have you ever wondered why gay men have to have the pride month? How would it be if the other way round with straights guys? I have been asking myself the same thing over and over. I have not been influenced by the surrounding, cause all I know this feeling towards men has always been there even when I was so young.

I am 25 years old guy who comes from a quite conservative Muslim family (especially my parents) somewhere in South East Asia. The country where I live is Muslim majority and gays are not recognized/legalized. Even there is still stigma or bad treatment to gay men here especially when you’re Muslim. I haven’t come out yet to my family.

I have been receiving hateful comments and treatment even from my contacts when some of them found out I am into guys. I was even being called out at the place where I work. Could you imagine if how would my family react if they finds out? Especially when I am also HIV positive. I even used to fall under AIDS category during the first year diagnos back in 2017. I had no one to talk to about this, all I did was crying by myself and wrote in a diary. One friend of mine (straight) knew about this but even he was a bit scared to get close to me.

I appreciate if you could click my fund raising link to read the whole story. I would be forever grateful if you could help me.

Help me change my depressing life! <3