Dementia Help For Mom

Life has changed and we have been caught in the grasp of the universe but despite all the tears and heartache we have God and each other. Our goal is to keep mom strong and happy. Refusing to lose her in the crazy battle within this change. For some this is sudden but others have seen the gradual change. Dementia is real. Our family has seen a lot of sadness and through it all we continue to move forward with God’s help. We have experienced Cancer, Kidney Failure, strokes, brain trauma, fibromyalgia, and now Dementia. With each illness we have come together and made stronger. Love you and thanks for any support you are able to give. Many people ask what we need and our biggest thing right now is funds to cover the initial placement and to offset the cost until VA money can be obtained as she does not qualify for Medicaid, and funds to cover the initial back to back plane tickets from California to Georgia. Her monthly housing cost is 5000.00 and her income is barely half of that.

One last thing. Long term care insurance is a must in your life. As African Americans we always believe we won’t need it because we know our families will care for us. However, as you see in our situation that is not always how things work out. I would love to have her in my home but it is not safe for her and in actuality that cost double what a facility costs. But, still sadly that is not an option for us. So please look into and protect your future. Love y’all