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My name is Charlie F Green Jr., and this go fund is my last ditch effort to try to get myself out of the desperate situation I out myself in. I know only have myself to blame for this. About a year ago I lost my job and had to draw from unemployment, well during that time I was also working a part-time job that did not offer benefits. I was under the assumption that because of the way the hours worked at that company I didn’t have to report the wages, well I was dead wrong. Now I owe the GA department of labor $5,234.00 or I face felony charges. I have been trying to get back on my feet ever since I lost that job. I know that I have put my self in this sand-trap, by trying to get loans to pay for loans I already had, and with this I have no Idea what else to do, or where else to turn. I finally got a job this March, and now I might lose it because I am an idiot. My hope is that you will read this, get the warm and fuzzes and take care of my issues for me, but I also know that that is not how the world works. So, I am asking you to make an investment instead.

I am an armature fiction writer, working on several stories in my spare time. I feel like there aren’t a lot of black fiction writer out there, so writing stores has always been a passion of mine. The main story I am working on right now is called Noah’s Well. Its story about magic being common placed in everyday life. Were the main character is actually immortal and hates magic. I also have wanted to start a YouTube channel that could be used for reviews on different forms of media. Basically you would be the sponsor and receive your part of the money made.

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Charlie F Green Jr
# 478-972-7444