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For this project, I need funding for a Map and Playermodels. Although the Playermodels can be taken from my own funds, the map is rather expensive. With mapping using the Hammer Tool being a grave skill, and requiring hours and hours of practice, the task of making a Map to the degree necessary for my Server, will be costly. It will take 2-4 weeks for the map to be made, and that is a lot of time that the mapper has to “make” for himself, for me.

The map in which I ask for your funding to build, is based upon the fictional Moon of Pandora, from James Cameron’s Avatar™. In the Map, there will be Luminous Flora, vast amount of Trees and a variety of Plants, multiple floating mountains (Halleilujah Mountains), etc.

Currently, I have the server up and running, and I am able to code things such as the Jobs and multiple other necessary adjustments to the Server, meaning that it is ready for the map to be built and then it will be almost up an running. I have experience in running Servers in the past, and keeping them with a following/playerbase so, it will most probably not be a failure.

The time I need the funds is not necessarily now. Although I need them within a month or two, I can wait for a short while. Now, I need the funds within in this set time because of the Mapper’s requirements. If I am unable to pay him within a certain amount of time then he will discontinue making the Map.

If you fund this project/map, then a wide range of people will benefit. From me and the mapper, to the players who will play and enjoy it. This is something unique and I’m sure people will enjoy. There is as of yet, no Map suitable for the type of target I am wanting to achieve, that is why I need this map to be made a custom map and not just a basic one, I am sure it will inspire hundreds of new servers.

If you have ever played Gmod, if you open up a brand new and interesting type of Server, then people will follow you into making their own Servers. And you will get partnerships with fellow Server Owners. For example Star Wars RP, this is the same as Avatar RP however, Star Wars. One of the first ever Star Wars servers was Vision Roleplay, this was established a little over 2-3 Years ago and still running somewhat strong. This server has inspired over 300 servers. Another example of this is DarkRP. I am unsure which the first DarkRP server was, however this started 4-5 Years ago and has over 1000 servers. I am not kidding. So if you put this into perspective, Avatar RP could inspire many Servers and gather a vast amount of Players.

If you Donate, then you will receive these rewards:

£1-£4 =Your name on the supporters Wall

£5-£9 =A VIP Tag in the Server (get a Custom loadout whether you are RDA, Avatar Driver or Na’vi) and your name on the supporters Wall.

£10-£19 =The same as lower donations and a Gold VIP Tag. Which includes three Characters (RDA, Avatar Driver and Na’vi)

£20-£29 = Same as lower donations and a Platinum VIP tag. This includes a Custom Na’vi Clan, or a Regiment for RDA (only one)

£30+ =Same as lower donations and a Supporter Tag. Which includes a Custom Na’vi Clan and a Regiment for RDA (both)


£10 =Become a Moderator and work your way up the Ranks (if you are being silly and abusing your given Powers then I have every right to strip you of your rank)

£20 =Become an Administrator and work your way up the Ranks (if you are being silly and abusing your given Powers then I have every right to strip your of your rank)

If you want the Other Donation package just let me know by emailing me at: