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The campain is about me a single mother raising two little boys one tht is diagnosed with Down-Syndrome. My son Connor ended up in ICU and we were told he only have a few hours left to life as his organs are failing.

Althoug I am a single parent with the only income was my salary I resigned at my work to be at my son’s hospital bed 24 hours a day. Connor was in a coma for over a month but he did open his eyes and we believe we were given miracle as Connor was discharged from hospital but needed full medical assistance so going back to work was and is not an option for me.

Connor is the insperation behind a special needs project we started where we are helping other mommies who have special needs children we also give ECD workshops to the mommies and the community to educate them about about special needs.

Due to Connor’s illness he has never been to the beach or on a proper holiday as I resigned from my work and did not receive any lumpsum money I am not able to take them on a little holiday or a beach trip. The little I do have I share with the other mommies who come and say their child dont have diapers or things then I would share my child’s with them. Without them knowing I do not have in stock. I would also like to buy a mini-van or if one could be sponsored I would appreciate it. The reason for that is beacuse I would like to take some of these special needs children for long drives as they never go on drives. It will also help me as I have to leave my house at 05:00 in the morning to start traveling to the children’s hospital of it is my child’s hospital appointment.
Thank you for considering to campain our gofundme. We would really appreciate the help.