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Community Redevelopment GoFundME ViralExposure Booster Campaign

I’m starting this project for a number of reasons. Initially, I need funding for licensing, attorney fees for contracts, business start-up fees, and further training. However, as the project progresses, the plan is to buy land and commercial real estate to begin getting a real handle on the homeless population with shelters and low-income housing.

As with all plans and projects, you need to start somewhere, and that somewhere for me is investing in real estate. I have already spent a number of years in the building of properties as well as the demolition of those that were barely standing. Recently I have begun learning the correct ways to invest in real estate and build a business, so I can one day turn that knowledge and wealth towards a real solution to an ever growing problem.

My longterm shoot for the sky goal being, turning help for the homeless into somewhat of a franchise idea that can be implemented everywhere throughout the US and the world; not just my own community. It’s charity and a tax write off anyway so I don’t know why more wealthy people aren’t doing it.

Once I have enough of a base to work from the plan is to open shelters, where we can temporarily house and assess the specific needs of the people were helping. If it’s job training, we do that. If it’s mental health, we find a way to solve it. If it’s just a transportation issue because things fell through and now your thousands of miles away from family, we help you with that. Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day; but teach a man to fish and he’ll have food his whole life. I want to fix the problem permanently, not just place a bandaid on a hemorrhaging wound.

To do this, I need capital, I need resources and I need more training. Now, there’s a long way, where I do it all myself, and if that’s what the universe expects of me then so be it. What I’m hoping though is that through community funding I can cut down some of that time and make a little bit of a leap toward my goals.

I thank you for any help you can give to get me further along towards a dream I have had for many years, of ending a problem that has gone on far too long.