Clean Waters Colorado

We are a small group of Colorado volunteers who regularly spend our free time cleaning up local ponds and rivers by freeing them from trash and debris. We hope to make what is already a beautiful state even more so by preserving the pristine waters that the folks who live here have come to enjoy, […]

Building Blocks For Warriors GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure ZumaFunder.com EMWNews

My name is Robert B. Schwenk Jr. I am a Marine Corps Veteran and have always felt the need to serve others when and where I can. Today, I came across a Facebook post where a veteran was discussing how building Lego sets has helped him to manage his anger, create better communication with his […]

Looking to raise money to volunteer in Asia GoFundME Boost ViralExposure.us CrowdFunding Campaign

Hi I want to go and help young Asian children learn English. Some children have no money or even family. I am looking to raise £2500 to go for a year to help these young children out. Please give anything you can, every penny helps. I appreciate you taking time to read this. Kyle https://www.gofundme.com/looking-to-raise-money-to-volunteer-in-asia

Be a monthly Subsciption Supporter of The Texas Minutemen ViralExposure.Co Campaign

Dear Patriots, As Americans, you understand the importance of protecting our nation’s borders. Yet even as our majority increases in Washington, elected officials continue to ignore this growing national security issue. Fortunately, American resolve has never depended on Washington bureaucracy. Today, your generous donation to the Texas Minutemen will help make these operations and others […]

Patriots on the Ground for America GoFundME ViralExposure.us Campaign

~ While we are all waiting for “the Wall” to be built, it’s imperative that we realize we need Patriot minutemen doing active border watch/patrol on foot., boots on the ground. Trump can’t do this alone, and while we are waiting for a wall, we need a human wall to prevent illegal aliens from entering. […]

Camp Cambodia with Camp International JustGiving Campaign

Thank you for visiting my Just Giving page. My name is Martha and I’m a year 10 student from Hampshire in the UK. In the summer of July 2020 I will be embarking on a major adventure to Cambodia with Camp International. During my expedition, I will be helping local communities which may include building […]

Need car & place to live GoFundMe Viral Exposure Campaign

Hello Next week I have a ct scan for my lungs 2 uncles died of emphysema hereditary probably biggest Fear Progressive Disease No cure. I have no Car for Doctors Appts. also No place to live What is one to do besides Prayer, all came down at once, as I was getting sober my sponsors […]

Sweden Suicide Helpline GoFundME Viral CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

In Sweden, approximately 1500 people complete suicide every year, and it is the most common cause of death in males aged 15–44 years All it has now is a vague and overly clinical way of dealing with people, by talking to them as you would a child using scripted replies, created by people who have […]

Home Repair Ms. Joan Story ViralExposure.net GoFundME Campaign

Please support my GoFundMe campaign https://www.gofundme.com/tne7u6-home-repair