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My name is Robert B. Schwenk Jr. I am a Marine Corps Veteran and have always felt the need to serve others when and where I can. Today, I came across a Facebook post where a veteran was discussing how building Lego sets has helped him to manage his anger, create better communication with his family, and relieve some of the symptoms of his PTSD. A quick Google search found a few other articles where veterans discuss using Lego’s as a tool for combating PTSD. It got me to thinking how Lego’s have affected my life and give me a peace and calmness as I am focused on building a set and how it relieves stress and takes my mind off of the other issues I face. I researched Lego therapy programs to see if there was anything currently out there. The only results I found consisted of Lego therapy treatments for those with Autism. I then researched Autism and PTSD finding that they both have related symptoms encouraging my idea that this may be beneficial to some of the veterans who are still searching for peace. So my goal currently is to build a non-profit focused on therapy, rehabilitation, communication, and other related benefits of “Lego Therapy.” I have decided on a three phase plan. The first phase is to establish funding to create the non-profit, solidify a business plan for the future, and creating a website to reach those in need. This phase should be completed with the initial funding of $1,000.00 (remaining funds will be used to help the remaining phases). Phase two is obtaining donations of Lego (or similar type building blocks) and funding to purchase additional blocks. Phase three will be creating monthly or weekly building block therapy sessions where veterans can meet up in a casual environment to build blocks with other veterans, socialize, and work through potential issues that they may be experiencing at times. Additional events could include building competitions, family building block therapy, and volunteering with underprivileged youth through block building. If donations are not met, or if this idea fails, unused funds will be donated to a veterans organization of my choosing and unused blocks will be donated to underprivileged children. I have been wanting to create a non-profit benefiting veterans for several years now, but most of my ideas had established organizations that conduct those types of services or would require extremely grater funding. After coming up with this idea I feel in my heart that this is something that I could do that could benefit my fellow veterans and your help in creating and reaching these goals will be greatly appreciated.