Funding to Showcase Art at a Huge Art Exhibition Ilia Leigh-Anne Edrich GoFundMe

Funding to Showcase Art at a Huge Art Exhibition

You can become a patron of The Arts and help an up and coming artist. ILIA’s Dreamscapes are highly sought after

The Mystery Of Olkbridge Town

The Mystery Of Olkbridge Town is a mystery series aimed to tell the story of this strange town and the teenagers who are desperate to get some answers. But they need to be careful with what they discover, what they keep hidden and who they trust because the drama and secrets lead to something they […]

Dr House parody

Dr.Huis: House as a Dutch grammar nazi. In this shortfilm parody, Huis is a Dutch ‘linguistic doctor’. He and his team are dissecting sentences instead of bodies, and transplanting written words instead of organs. They make overly complicated diagnoses to fix the spelling and grammar mistakes in order to cure the patients. It will be […]


My name is Gerry Hannan BA MBS and I am building a free-access archive of Limerick History stories and images LIMERICK HISTORY GAZETTE ARCHIVE. I am also publishing a series of 100 books between September 2015 and January 2020 all of which are researched, compiled, and edited by myself. All of the images need enhancement, […]


Face Factor™ is a party game where players act out different scenarios using only their head and facial expressions. Face Factor™ is for ages 17+ and may include humorous suggestive content. COMING SOON…to a face near you!

Haven 133: Flyfire (HANA version)

Haven 133: Flyfire (HANA version) is the first entry in a series of books that tell the story of a woman named Syn Guillory, who lives in a society rebuilt after two failed attempts throughout the span of two decades. It is a story of mystery and intrigue, one where the answer to one question […]

Short Film For Bronx Artist

Thank you in advance for taking the time to review this campaign. My name is Lovett Evans and I am a music composer-producer and business owner. My company Amori Sounds, is a black-owned Bronx based music publishing company that represents independent artists for placement of their music into film and TV. My publishing company is […]

E.J. Grym Launches Haven 133 Flyfire HANA version on KickStarter

E.J. Grym Launches Haven 133: Flyfire HANA version on KickStarter

For Immediate Release — El Paso, TX — E.J. Grym raising funds for the beginning of a sci-fi series of books that with the intent to make into a video game series on KickStarter. The “Haven 133” saga has been a literal dream of mine that started back in 2014, as I woke up in the middle of […]

Chaotic Flux issue 2: Aliens vs Monsters part 2 CrowdFunding Booster

A unique group of warriors unite in a ravaged future to save the Earth from a massive plague of flesh devouring mutant abominations.

GoFundMe Kickstarter Gemini Hook Elite CrowdFunding Booster

The Gemini Hook Elite is an innovative new fish hook that is specifically designed and built to help secure the fish to the hook more effectively by way of the static, non-sharp, downward curved arm which acts as a stopper making it more difficult for the fish to get off the hook.