The Mystery Of Olkbridge Town

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The Mystery Of Olkbridge Town is a mystery series aimed to tell the story of this strange town and the teenagers who are desperate to get some answers. But they need to be careful with what they discover, what they keep hidden and who they trust because the drama and secrets lead to something they wish they never found out.

We plan to create the first season, 10 episodes per season, 30 minutes each episode. The first one would be The Pilot, which we will release on Youtube, then the next episodes soon after. Because it is a Youtube series, it is completely free to watch (worldwide) for anyone who has access to Youtube. But for that to happen, we need your help! We can do amazing things, even on a small budget, beginning with the Pilot and building the layout for the next episodes.

This show will be professionally made, just like any other TV show, so you get the same quality. For that, we need your contributions to fund: the equipment (cameras, lighting, sound), the props, the art department (set design, costumes, makeup & hair), music, editing and post-production, meals and transport for the actors, taxes, fees and rentals. This way we ensure the quality of the show.