Short Film For Bronx Artist

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Thank you in advance for taking the time to review this campaign.

My name is Lovett Evans and I am a music composer-producer and business owner. My company Amori Sounds, is a black-owned Bronx based music publishing company that represents independent artists for placement of their music into film and TV.

My publishing company is financed by my day-job which I am so fortunate to have but the cost to operate this type of business is challenging as most businesses in the arts are, but I believe that one day the company will retain itself.

It is clear that during these uncertain times we need each other more than ever, and as much as I hate to ask, I need your help.

I am executive producing a musical EP featuring Bronx artist who will be using their lyrics to portray the current state of our culture. This EP will have 6 songs on it featuring 1 artist for each song. The body of work will be made into a short film as we will connect all 6 songs into 1. I have 2 film composers who will underscore and produce the music for the entire film and 2 black-owned media companies that will shoot the film. The goal with this is to create an opportunity to feature amazing talent and showcase strength in our community and pitch it to a media outlet to premier. This in turn will also get all of the creators a potential chance to earn residuals on their art and an opportunity for Amori Sounds to raise its brand identity to be more influential in its market place that will provide more opportunity for artists through Amori Sounds.

The numbers is as follows

$250 to each artist = $1500
$1875 Composers Fee X 2 = $3750
$750 for Legal, Administration
$4,000 For Film & Edits

Totals = $10,000

Any additional funds will be used for marketing/ads to drive to virility.

This project means so much to me because it’s an opportunity for me to contribute to my culture in a big way. A way that I could never be able to do without help and quite frankly the best way I know-how. As a creator myself, I express myself through art in its purest form. I am not much of a vocal person. It doesn’t fit me.

All those who donate will be credited on the film as Executive Producers.