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Carmen’s Business – Cafe FREE IndieGoGo Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

A Cafe for business that need a boost to get its doors open. Helping people to be their own boss!

Business Ideea : A combination of a classic affair (the little Cafe, but it can be any other type of classic affair) and network marketing (products distribution).

The main goal of the company is to help people to re-discover the courage to get their financial independence by opening a little Coffee House dedicated to the business activity only. Our intention to open the Cafe’s doors is arround March 15, 2017.

Knowing that distribution networks are growing very slow, the Coffee House will sustain with its incomes the marketing network. So, here, people will find both a relaxing and creativity zone and information about business opportunities and how to start a retail network marketing. The company will be also an active participant in local community as well as a gathering place to build relationships within it .

The future Cafe will be the place where we will organize seminars and workshops to promote its and affiliates activity, that’s why its site it isn’t ready yet, but it will be until this crowdfunding campaign will be finished.