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Help Cindy with medical bills…

On Thursday September 7th, my wife Cindy was admitted to the emergency room with extreme all over body itching, jaundice and elevated blood sugar and liver enzymes.  After several hours of testing and CT scans, a large mass was discovered on her pancreas.  After several days of additional testing, including a biopsy, she was discharged on Monday 9/11.

Biopsy test results have come back negative for cancer cells, which was extremely good news – however, the doctors all caution that more testing is still needed to rule out cancer 100%.  In the meantime, we have been strongly advised by doctors to proceed “as if cancer is present” and obtain medical care urgently.  

At this time, Cindy has rapid onset diabetes and is on insulin.  Her liver functions are elevated, and she needs surgery immediately to remove this pancreatic mass.

Cindy is currently without medical insurance, and in need of assistance by any means possible.  Donations of any amount will be greatly helpful – but prayers are also urgently needed.

Cindy will have full medical insurance in place by January 1, 2018 – but obviously can not afford to wait that long for medical care.  We are proceeding to UCLA Medical Center today, and leaving the rest in God’s hands.  Once medical insurance is in place, our pledge is to “pay-forward” any remaining funds from this campaign to other people that need similar assistance.

Updates will be posted regularly – thank you for love, prayers and support.